What Do Our Clients Say?

All thanks to you (Hennie) for such an amazing and interactive training and presentation. We really enjoyed it and learned a lot. Hope we can make use of your services again in future.

                                                                                                                                                                                                                              A, Quality Manager, JHB

Thank YOU Hennie, for a well presented course. The style of presentation and plenty of interaction opportunities where we could share and consolidate existing knowledge is invaluable. Thanks again and Yes, I did enjoy it.  Having done my original beginner GCP and GCP refresher course with Marijke, CREDE has a well deserved reputation for good quality and fun presentations, and it certainly did not disappoint!

                                                                                                                                                        Study Coordinator; UCT

I need to thank you!  Your training was very good and opened up a lot of avenues for me.  I now feel quite revitalised and positive about quality, at this time of year when everyone tend to be negative and sometimes quite aggressive.I really enjoyed your training and the interactive conversations that you triggered.

                                                                                                                                                    Louise, Quality Coordinator,JHB

I really enjoyed the course. One of the best training experiences I have ever had, definitely.


Thank you very much for the excellent facilitation that made GCP such an attraction….it’s no longer the dreaded ‘thing’ it used to be. I have done some GCP courses before but this is the best of them so far.

                                                                                                                                                            Joshua; Study Coordinator

Thank you, I thoroughly enjoyed the course – u are a remarkable teacher.I was just telling some of my colleagues of your teaching ‘super-powers’!!!

                                                                                                                                                           Facilitator/Instructor, US

Thanks again for a great workshop you are a passionate and dedicated facilitator and mentor.

Dr K Jere, Registrar

Thank you for your wonderful presentation of a dead boring subject, but entirely necessary for ethically sound research. You remind us how well we are doing as South Africans in the research arena. Well done Marijke everyone who gave feedback to me think that you are awesome . Keep making us proud.

                          Ayesha and the ‘group’.

Thanks so much for the wonderful course!! My head is full of MMED ideas & new considerations for ways in which to conduct these. I am immensely grateful…


Thank you for an excellent course and for helping me to pass the first “exam” I’ve written in about 45 years!

Prof. Rob 

As a qualitative researcher, I found the course extremely informative and introduced me to many medical and organisational concerns surrounding clinical trials that I was unaware before. The facilitator was very attentive and approachable. She left no stone unturned and allowed questions to be explored without unnecessary restraints. Marijke was able to meet people at their levels and communicated in such a way that everyone understood.

Dillon. US 

I am new to research. Thank you so much – I have learned a lot. I enjoyed the course so much and the fun activities. I came here with no knowledge about GCP. Walking away with a smile on my face. I now have a better, clearer idea and understanding of clinical trials.

Pamela Mangala, SATVI

I want to thank you for an excellent GCP Beginner course. Each session had been carefully planned and masterfully executed. It is seldom, in my 34 years of teaching, mostly at university, that I have seen such sustained and excellent facilitation of adult learners’ learning. You knew the names of all 14 of us within a short period and your warm personality, kindness, patience with many questions and encouragement soon made us feel that we really had a contribution to make and that made us feel good. You have the skill to encourage even the quiet ones among us, to contribute to the discussion.

Your delightful sense of humour and keen sense of when we needed a fun learning activity as a break, all helped to make rather dull content, really interesting! The learning material is of a high standard and presented in manageable portions, easily digestible.

I have learnt a great deal about Good Clinical Practice, thank you. I am also most grateful that you have left the door open to us to communicate with you should this be necessary as we proceed with our trials. All the very best.

Dr Una Kyriacos PhD MSc; Dept of health & Rehabilitation Sciences; UCT 

Thanks Marijke, I was coming expecting to be bored, I must be honest, I was pleasantly surprised at being interested the whole time – Think that your dynamic nature made a huge difference, I thoroughly enjoyed it and I remember stuff too.

Thuran – Paramedic 

Marijke you are great, we all thoroughly enjoyed you ! I have attended many many GCP courses both as attendee and lecturer and I have never experienced such an interactive and interesting course. You will definitely come highly recommended from me..

Hands down the best managed course I have been on.

Well done – Pierre Smit

Thanks for getting all of us through this necessary hurdle with competence, informative knowledge, humour and a smile !.

Prof. F. Bonnici 

Excellent overview and refresher of the topic.


I thoroughly enjoyed the day, so much so that when I got home I started reading the Declaration of Helsinki and the SA GCP guidelines!!! I thought I couldn’t take the time out of the office but this was an excellent, informative, relaxed way to update my knowledge on a field I enjoy.

Katrina Downing, UCT

Fun and interesting way to learn about GCP. Really excellent course.


A wealth of experiences showed in explanations and discussions.

Amanda Jackson, UCT 

The practical tips on how GCP applies to trials in real life are very relevant. Examples within our own trial were very helpful.


Excellent mix of teaching technique, authority on subject and group management skills.

Dr. Musaed Abrahams

The printed material alone is worth the price of the course. Having the material presented over 2 days with interactive sessions by such a dynamic facilitator completely transformed what has previously been a rather stale topic met with moans and groans.

Rachel Allgaier

An excellent course. Concise and to the point.


This is the best training/course I have ever attended.

Dr. Baba “Tee” 

Marijke is the best facilitor I’ve ever had the privilege to listen and learn from. She’s got the most original and creative way to engage everyone in discussions! Wonderful – the best course (all in all) I’ve ever attended. Thank you!

Jeanine Breed, CRA 

I cannot thank you enough for this highly enjoyable and invaluable course. Your teaching skills are impeccable.

Kasongo wa Kasongo, Ph.D.; Lecturer, Faculty of Pharmacy, Rhodes University 

I found the course an eye opener + I strongly suggest that all that want to do research – GCP – first do this course!! The exercises were brilliant and helpful. I loved and enjoyed the course very much.

Dr. Neliswa Gogela, Cape Town 

Organised, efficient and fun!! Exuberant personality.

Dr. Sameera Allie, Cape Town

Most entertaining and informative 2 days. Excellently presented.

Dr.M. Posthumus , Sport Scientist and Researcher

I enjoyed it (Refr.course June 2012) very much. It exceeded my expectations.

Prof. Raymond Abratt, Radiation Oncologist, GSH

Excellent course.Engaging, professional and a heck of a lot of fun!

Adam Penn-Nicholson, Ph.D. Postdoctoral Fellow, UCT 

A very doubtfull “old candidate” not too interested in the topic was blown away i.e. one does not know what it is that you do not know! Now I know.

Principal Investigator, Mosselbay 

Excellently presented course! Made an apparently boring &mundane topic really interesting!

Dr.Marc Combrinc, Neurology Unit, GSH 

This has been a very good session. Very informative, different and worthwhile.


Many thanks for a well presented and convenient course. You went out of your way to make a potentially “dry” subject interesting to a group spread across many levels.Well done!

Prof. David Hall; Dept. of Obs & Gynea; Stellenbosch University

Thank you very much indeed for the GCP Update course. I attend these courses as required because of my research commitments but I do not think I have ever enjoyed a course as much as I did the one yesterday (29 March). I always learn from every course and it was particularly interesting attending a course which was dominated by research staff who do very different research from my team. I learnt a great deal, I enjoyed the day and I salute you as a superb facilitator.Thank you for a very worthwhile day.

Dr Zephne van der Spuy; Head: Postgraduate Education & Research, UCT

Thanks so much! and the course really was great! I’m even going to read up bits! Also did tell our coming colleagues it was great, but nothing else to steal your thunder!

Dr E B Leepan, Investigator, Neurologist, ICT Clinical Consultant, UCT

I did the GCP refresher on Friday. I have to tell you that I actually thoroughly enjoyed the day and found it extremely informative. I was dreading it like I am sure many people do, particularly if they have done it a number of times. You certainly have a gift and made it very interesting.

Kerrigan Brink, Study Coordinator

Excellent teacher, very informative and very approachable, made the course very enjoyable and enlightening

Dr. Khalid Coovadia

I thoroughly enjoyed the GCP Beginner Course… extremely useful and beneficial. I have highly recommended the course to my two colleagues. ….I learnt a great deal. Fascinating. Thank you.

Dr. Anne Emmanuel, Anaesthetic Registrar

I think it is excellent as is. Will recommend it to my colleagues and students. Thank you for your assistance and excellent delivery of this course.

Naushaad Ebrahim, Pharmacist, UWC

I thought Friday was fabulous and I was so impressed with how you made some of the drier regulatory info so accessible.